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Private Wine Label Membership

Please make a reservation for a wine tasting to choose a wine of your choice for a private label. The tasting is $55/guest (max. 6 guests), and we provide a tasting with our winemaker, a cheese platter, and wine education. 


To sign up its a four step process: 

1) Enjoy a wine tasting, and choose the wine preferred for the Private Wine Label, if none chosen there are custom options. 

2) Sign up as a Private Wine Label Member. *Agreement

3) Send us your artwork or choose from the winemakers photos.

4) Keep in touch with our Winemaker as she designs and packages the blend or single varietal. 


Private Wine Label Member:

Minimum 20 cases (12 bottles per case) for a purchase of a private label, current wine vintage. starting at $8,500 plus tax, shipping & handling.


Custom blends or varietals start at $58/bottle and can take up to 1.5-2 years to produce and package. 


Storage fees apply after 30 days of purchase or bottling of wine, Winemaker delieries are available per delivery of $125 per 50-100 miles. Private label wines are customized and are 100% non refundable.

Thanks for submitting!

Hand holding decanter while pouring red wine
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