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Contact us to have your own private wine labeled to represent your story and artwork to share with your family members, friends and clients. Great for weddings, anniversarys, birthdays, corperate events, holiday, wine bars, business related gifting, non profit media and/or donations. 240 bottles or 20 cases minimum, wine by the barrel private labels. "Starting at $8,400 per 20 cases"


Custom white or blends or varietals start at $35/ bottle. Reds and Blends start at $42/ bottle. Pricing reflects on packaging and fruit sourcing per harvest year.  Ask for custom private label consultation today! 75% non refundable down payment, 25% prior to bottling. 


**Storage fees apply after 30 days of purchase or bottling of wine, Winemaker delieries are available per delivery of $125 per 50-100 miles. Private label wines are customized and are 100% non refundable, product may be sampled 2-3 times during stages of winemaking and prior to bottling. Agreements are customized by our winemaker. Please contact us at

Private Label Memebership

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Private label wines are customized (wine to custom desgined label) and are 100% non refundable as the payments are processed. Our packagaing fees are paid up front for reserving the wine/grapes, cellar production time, art-label design, glass, wax (extra add on, foils aren't available) and corks. 

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